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Feral Pigeons; Richard F. Johnston, Marian Janiga: - Published by Oxford Univ Press 1995
Book cover While Levi's The Pigeon remains the foundation work for the domesticated pigeon, Feral Pigeons is the foundation work for pigeons in general. Most of the studies focus on feral pigeons, but of course applies equally to domesticated birds as well. While academic, this tomb reads well for the interested lay person as well, perhaps even better.
$85  Excellent hardback and dust jacket. 28
$110 Mint hardback and dust jacket. 28
A Fancy for Pigeons; Jack Kligerman
Kligerman, click for larger image Pigeons are commonly allotted only minor recognition within the ornithological hierarchy. And yet the heritage of pigeons is a noble one, their lore is rich, and they played an instrumental part in the understanding of evolution. But there are few who see cause to celebrate what is probably the most misunderstood bird of all. Jack Kligerman is one, and he has prepared this enlightening and fascinating tribute to that curious bird, the pigeon. Jack explores the strong influence on the imagination of western civilization the pigeon, or its symbolic ancestor, the dove has held. He also explores how man's fascination with pigeons bore practical aspects, too.

Starting with Pat Sottile, a devoted Brooklyn pigeon fancier, he continues to Belgium, the pigeon-racing capital of the world, and travels through Europe learning more and more, including about the days when only the very privileged were permitted to raise pigeons, and built monumental dovecotes as edifices to their favored positions. Publication date 1978, 216pp.
$23 Excellent hardback and excellent jacket. 21
$18 Very good hardback, even though library copy, with rather poor jacket as can be seen from larger image. 21
The Pigeon; Wendell M. Levi
Book cover signed cover sheet The Pigeon by Wendell Levi is without doubt the best, most authoritative, English language publication on domesticated pigeons. It belongs in every pigeon breeder's library from novice to expert. This book, tome, has been in publication since 1941, and has seen no rivals. It covers everything in depth, including chapters covering housing, feed, breeding, behavior, health, exhibitions, anatomy, physiology, breed varieties, history, and genetics. While still substantially correct, the sections on genetics and health are the most dated. Not that they are wrong, but rather that great strides have been made in these areas. Medications are much improved, and much more has been learned about pigeon genetics. The descriptions of various diseases and preventative actions remain on the mark, but recommended medications are out of date. After pinpointing the cause of the disease, check with your local supplier for the proper, up to date, medicine rather than those recommended in this book. In a five star scale, four stars. Nothing in my book gets five stars. I want to leave something to strive for.
$125 Publication date: 1957. Very good condition signed by the Author. No dust Jacket. 86
Levi Pigeons 1941 red cover. Click to enlarge. Levi's The Pigeon color plate. Click to enlarge. This is the first edition copy printed in 1941 and signed by the author!.   It is in very good condition but the corners are a bit bumped and a couple of the end papers appear to be a bit loose.  The pages do show some tanning because of age as would be expected in a book nearly 70 years old.  To get a better view of the color print or jacket just give it a click.
$145 Very good hard back as noted above. 1st Edition 1941 No jacket 66
Encyclopedia of Pigeon Breeds; Wendell M. Levi
book cover The Encyclopedia of Pigeon Breeds by Wendell Levi, as all of his works, is absolutely the best English language book of the genre up to its time. Others have offered other versions, but this encyclopedia published in 1965 remains a classic. Nearly every one of its 790 or so pages presents, along with concise descriptive text, a color photograph of one of the hundreds of pigeon breeds found in North America. This much color is just unheard of, but is exactly what is needed to fully describe these wonderful creatures. Granted the photographs are of how the breeds looked around 1965, and (as clothes styles) have changed somewhat. The best update to be found is that of Muller and Shragg found below.
More beautiful photography can be found in the recent work of Stephen Green-Armytage, Extraordinary Pigeons, but it covers very few breeds in comparison and the text is not as complete by comparison. The American Pigeon Associations latest offering in the field, while showing the latest styles, is nearly all black and white and covers far fewer breeds. Encyclopedia of Pigeon Breeds is and will always remain the classic, most informative work of its time in the English language.
$130 Hardback nearly excellent, no jacket 3#1oz
Making Pigeons Pay: A Manual of Practical Information on the Management, Selection, Breeding, Feeding, and Marketing of Pigeons; Wendell Mitchell Levi
book cover

This book was first published in 1946 when pigeons were still commonly used as a food source. It emphasizes the squabbing breeds (the kind you eat). It also covers basic issues such as housing and feeding very well, and health fairly well. If you are interested in raising birds for the table, this book is probably not a bad choice even for a novice. As you can see in the scan the jacket is pretty rough, but the book itself is really in excellent condition. This is a classic of the genre because it is not only very good, but also because it was written by Wendell Levi, the best known author about pigeons in the United States. Wendell was associated with one of the largest squab farms his entire life, so not only had great academic credentials, but first hand experience as well.

Similar to Levi's other work, The Pigeon; this book was also republished several times. It was revised in 1968, but followed the same basic pattern including chapter layout and length. Many of the chapters cover what every pigeon breeder should know and many devoted to as the title states - making pigeons pay. Chapters include, squabs as a food, shall I raise squabs, how to start, selecting breeding stock, breeds used for commercial purposes, how to build the squab house, how to feed, how to breed, how to market, how to treat sick pigeons, how to keep down parasites and pests, how to utilize by-products, and miscellaneous.

$80 Publication date: June 1972  Mint hardback with excellent dust cover. 24
$40 Publication date 1972 Excellent hardback with very good jacket. 24
$45 Publication date 1968,  Excellent hardback with a good jacket.  This first revised edition has much better paper quality than that of 1972 edition. 17
$18 Publication date 1951, but only a reading copy. 24
A handbook of Fancy Pigeons; H. P. Macklin
Click for larger image H. P. Macklin was a very prolific writer for the American Pigeon Journal during its heyday. He penned articles nearly every month in his series of Pigeon Portraits which grew into this book. It was originally issued as a paperback in 1954 with the dust jacket shown here. The pictures in this original version are pasted on special colored board sheets.
$110, 1st edition paperback very good condition with the exception of the dustjacket. Does have previous owners name sticker glued on title page. 10
Click for larger image Tom McCaig edited the second enlarged edition as a hardback. The pictures are printed on the pages in this version rather than as separate pictures which were glue tacked in. The cover is somewhat soiled as the larger scan shows, but otherwise this is an excellent copy inscribed by the author
$88 Excellent hardback as described. Signed by the author. 15oz
Pigeon Showing; Douglas McClary
cover, print for larger image. Douglas McClary is probably best known for his breed specific work The Show Racer, and his more generalist piece Pigeons for Everyone, also available. He is one of the masters in his field and in this book he demystifies what is needed to win in the show room, and area he knows all to well. While many books are written on improving performance of racing and other performing breeds, this book stands nearly alone in the field of showing. This is a first edition hardback published in 1984 and is 159 pages in length. Besides the excellent content, this particular copy is mint for its age. A collector's copy.
$25 12
Magna Illustrated Guide to Pigeons of the World; Andrew Mcneillie
cover, print for larger image. This is an English printed hardback copy in mint condition. The original English version was printed in 1977. This copy was printed 1993 and is160 pages in length. It is chock full of small printed drawings by the famous pigeon artist, Johan Lentik. There are printed drawings of over 100 specific breeds, and is clearly the highlight of this book.
$32 10
Pets for Boys and Girls; A. J. Macself
Cover, click for larger image Inscie picture, click for larger image These types of books just aren't written anymore. It is aimed directly at young persons providing them with the details for responsible pet care. It covers far more than pigeons, including what today are still the more popular children’s pets, including of course, dogs and cats. But back then in 1923 when this book was published, common children's pets included pigeons partly because of their relatively easy and inexpensive care, housing and costs. While these elements are still true today, we rarely find pigeons mentioned in pet care manual. This volume is 301 pages in length and has several chapters devoted to pigeons, including housing and care. The book is in very nice condition with only slight tanning and no foxing spots.
$28 16
Fancy Pigeons; Erich Muller and Ludwig Schrag
Book cover Click to enlarge. Fancy Pigeons Pouters Erich Muller and Ludwig Schrag Click to enlarge. Fancy Pigeons Owls Erich Muller and Ludwig Schrag This is really a wonderful book written by two renowned German authors. Published in Germany 1985, but in the English language. This would be the modern day version of Levi's Encyclopedia with some extras thrown in. It covers 229 breeds with many color photos of the helping define the breeds as shown in the scans. The big extra is the is the medical section added at the end by Schrag. It is really a version of Healthy Pigeons. So it is like getting two book in one.
$75 Mint Hardback with glossy boards. 31
Pigeon of North America, National Pigeon Association
Book cover, click for larger image in new window. This is the mammoth collaborative work compiled by several prominent members of America's National Pigeon Association. While it misses its ambitious scope of describing every pigeon breed found in North America at the beginning of the millennium, it remains the most comprehensive work of its kind compiled there since Levi's Encyclopedia of Pigeon Breeds. While there are excellent photographs of the breeds described, most unfortunately are in black and white. To reduce publication costs only a section was devoted to colored pictures where over 90 of the known breeds are shown. Although the millennium has only recently begun, this work certainly has earned it place in the history of the pigeon and the association.
$50 Paper cover. 49 This paperback version is in very good condition but the bottom right had corner has been bumped and the pages therefor curled a bit.
$85 mint hard cover. 49
Pigeons, Carl Naether
Book cover, click for larger image in new window. Carl Naether starting publishing his work on pigeons back in the 30's and was still at it in 1984 when these were published. It is a hardback for the novice with some nice color photos of a few of the fancy breeds of pigeons that are available with just a little research on the web. Recommended for anyone considering having a pigeon as a pet. They are very user friendly and fit in the hands quite well. These are of the hardback type with printed boards and are not old library copies. (93 pages)
$8 near mint. 8
$7 very good. 8
$5 only listed as good because a phone number is written on one of the pages, otherwise very good. 8
Raising Doves and Pigeons, Carl Naether
Book cover, click for larger image in new window. Carl's knowledge of pigeons extended well beyond the more common domesticated pigeon and included many species of wild and foreign pigeons and doves as well. The work, as well as all his other books, is very well written and easy to follow. Of course he was a professor of English at the University of Southern California. The book is in two parts; one covering the general care and housing of all the varies species; and two, detailed description of several species, including the popular Ringneck Dove, the tiny Diamond Dove, The Bleeding Heart Pigeon, the Galapagos Dove, and many more. This hardback printed in 1979 is the his first devoted specifically to the less common species of pigeons and doves that live with us under our care.
$13 excellent except for poor jacket. 15
$18 mint, but the jacket is poor. 15
Making Squab-Raising Profitable By Carl Naether
Book cover, click for larger image Carl takes the bird by the feather and using his extensive knowledge to provide information on how to breed pigeons with an eye toward profitable production.  The first edition (blue covers) was produced in 1955 when the great squab plants had already started to decline and is even more rare than this second edition. This second edition, being a reprint, was printed in 1964. It is a bit more common than the first edition but still a relatively rarer find.

This 32 pages pamphlet is in good condition. The greatest damage is discoloring to the spine area and the staples are starting to rust

$14 3
Pigeons and Doves; Nofsinger and Hargrove
Nofsinger and Hargrove cover What I like the most about this book for the very young reader is the cover picture.  Pigeon breeders have long known that these birds are smart enough to figure out where to get a good fresh drink of water, but it may surprise others.  Give it a click and look at the full size image.  The text is for very early readers with large fonts and many, many pictures of pigeons.  Ray Nofsinger was a novice pigeon racer when he helped write this book at a young age of 20.  It helped him to write the book in a way that even the very young could appreciate what he has to offer about pigeon history, care and their connection with us.  It is an ex-library book and has lots of the usual library markings, including the card pocket, but is otherwise in very nice shape.  This book was not abused by the library's clients.
$12 Good library hardback copy printed in 1992. 12
Pigeons: Hamlyn Pet Guides: Rick Osman
book cover This "thumbnail" size manual is truly designed for someone who is wondering about all that might be involved with raising a pigeon or two as pets. It has all the information needed to the task and is therefore a perfect primer for what might be involved. It really is not complete enough beyond this initial introduction and those caring for several pigeons would be better served by one of the other books that are available on the subject all the way up to Levi's incredible work The Pigeon also available on the site. But then at $5, including postage, this is the perfect primer.
$5 Hamlyn Pet Guides, small 32 pages pocket handbook. 2
Pigeons, Dorothy Henshaw Patent
Book cover, click for larger image in new window. This introductory book is aimed squarely at young adults. One might say she has a bit of experience in the young adult genre with over 90 publications. It is heavily infused with grand photography of William Munoz's. An excellent all around primer the bird we are all familiar with.
$15 mint 16
$12 excellent 16
National Standard Squab Book 1939: Elmer C. Rice
Book cover, click for larger image This edition, the 56th, is in near excellent condition. (Earlier editions can be found in the antique section.) Like all previous editions, it covers the nuts and bolts of how to run a squab plant, but expanded this base knowledge with testimonials and items learn from the field. It is quite clear that by this time Rice's emphasis is on supplying the would be entrepreneur all the supplies desired for getting into the business, and he casts no clouds on this money making enterprise. There are also older additions of Rice work available on the antique page
$22 26
National Standard Squab Book 1944: Elmer C. Rice
Book cover, click for larger image Book cover, click for larger image This 58th, yes fifty-eight, edition was published in 1944 near the end of its run. By now it has grown to a whopping 720 pages and weighs in at well over two pounds. The first 110 pages or so, dealing with the nuts and bolts of squab production is nearly identical with the early edition, but the other 600 pages deals mostly with marketing. Rice emphasis has clearly shifted while we learn how squabs are sold and consumed even beyond the United States. This edition reminds one a bit of McDonalds with over 340 thousand sold. While many have considered Wendell Levi as America's most published pigeon author, he clearly was not. This copy is in very good condition, still sporting its jacket. It does have the previous owner's signature on the inside front cover, but otherwise it would be deemed excellent for its age. There are also older additions of Rice work available on the antique page
$20 35
How to get the Most Fun and Money out of Pigeons: Elmer C. Rice
Book cover, click for larger image Book cover, click for larger image World war two has ended now, and it has made a profound impact on Elmer Rice. This edition with the changed title has little to do with breeding pigeons for profit, but is more of a self help book and philosophy of life. A bit of an autobiography as well, he uses his own life as an example how to succeed in that journey. An interesting eclectic collection of metaphoric stories. The jacket as shown more clearly in the larger impages, is damaged, but the book itself in very good to excellent for it age.
$27 35
Pigeons: Mervin F. Roberts
book cover Roberts authored several pet manual during the 50's and 60's, and this is a very fine example of his work. It really does a decent job of covering the basics that any beginner would appreciate, but out does others in this field with a better handling of the variety of breeds that are available, including many color photographs of some rather exotic breeds. Since it is only 64 pages in length, some of the other basic topics are given a lighter brush than Vriends' more recent work.
$9, Paperback 1962, 64pp very good.  Would be excellent except for that it shows its age. 4
$8, Paperback 1962, 64pp good. 4
book cover This paperback has the exact same contents as Roberts' How to Raise and Train Pigeons, but as can be plainly seen has a completely different cover. This cover is almost identical to Naether's book of the same name, which was published some time later. Both of Roberts' books were printed in 1962 by T.F.H. Publications, and even the identical publisher identification numbers (TFH-512) were used for both. It is hard to understand why two different cover versions were issued, and why the same cover picture would be used on Naether's work some years later. This particular copy is not in very good shape and is reading quality only, but it is certainly worth it for the collector because of its rarity.
$12, Paperback 1962, 64pp reading quality. 4
book cover This is the beginning beginners manual authored by Roberts in 1956. It was published by T.F.H. Publications in Jersey City. It covers the very base basics and is appropriate for someone taking care of pigeons for a few days or those considering a pigeon for a pet, as it does detail all that is required to take care of a pigeon properly. They published a wide array of pet instruction manuals and were the same publisher Naether used.
$5, Very good paperback of 24 pages. 2
The Right Way to Keep Pigeons: by David Robinson
Cover, click for larger image You would believe from the charming old picture on the cover that this book was much older than it is, but it was actually published in 198, but here is the kicker - in England no less.. But that does not deter from the wealth of information provided about just what the title says - the right way to keep pigeons. Perfect for the novice and even the expienced fancier may gleen some insight from the good drawings from pigeon internals, to management equipment. The paperback is tanning from age and shows some stains on the front and back covers.
$9 Good paperback 124pp. 3
Captain of the Queen's Flight; Len Rush
Book Cover, click for larger image Early in 1962 Len Rush learned that Her Majesty knew of his reputation as a pigeon fancier. But more than that, she wished to appoint him as her Royal Lofts Manager. And so Len’s ideal avocation became his life long profession. He brings to this memoir all the canny enthusiasm that made him so successful at his most incredible assignment
Immediately, with royal direction, Len made the lofts in the garden ready for the arrival of royal birds. Len chose thirty-six birds of superb stock for the first generation of the Queen's flight family that he was set to create. As soon as they were settled, the Queen came to Len and her racing pigeons and visited with him and the birds often until his retirement.
Not many of us have such an opportunity to meet with royalty and chat about what we love.  For Len and the Queen it was pigeons.
There are nearly a quarter million pigeon racers in England, so the competition is fierce but tempered by the profound respect all flyers have for their birds, and each other. Lens story captures the serene but thrilling spirit of the sport. He has lived so and here he charmingly invites us to come homing with him.
$20 While not noticeable with the wrappers in place there are stains on covers as seen in scan, otherwise interior excellent.
Pigeons: by Mariam Schlein
Book cover, click for larger image From the Jacket "If you live in a city you see pigeons all the time. They sit in rows on rooftops; they perch on statues. They peck at crumbs and strut along the sidewalks. But have you ever seen pigeons raising their babies? Probably not. Even in the most crowded city, pigeons know how to find secret places to nest.
Miriam Schlein and Margaret Miller offer a portrait of the pigeon as a city bird revealing its sometimes comical public side as well as giving us a rare glimpse at a special pair of pigeons as they nest and raise a family. With their talent for speedy flight and their ability to find their way home from thousands of miles away, pigeons have been a help to humankind throughout history. Schlein tells the stories of some of the most famous pigeons - pigeons who have been messengers for spies and reporters and doctors; pigeons who have rescued people at sea and saved lives during wartime.
Schlein and Miller have orchestrated engaging anecdotes, solid science, and a stunning photo essay to create a fascinating and intimate look at the world of pigeons"
$21 Mint hardback but jacket does show some wear. 15
$14 Ex-library but in excellent condition otherwise. Jacket is only poor and glued in though. 15
Enjoy Your Pigeons; Earl Schneider, Editor
Enjoy Your Pigeons Enjoy Your Pigeon by Earl Schneider, provides the very basic information for those starting to become interested in this feathered friend.  It details, in a very synoptic way, history, breeds, care, and health with lots of pictures in just 32 pages.
$4 Good to reading quality paperback 2
The Public Life of the Street Pigeon; Eric Simss
Book Cover, click for larger image Eric Simms tells the extraordinary story of one of nature's unsung heroes, the feral pigeon, tracing its ancestry back to the wild rock dove, which existed since the Miocene Period over eleven million years ago. The earliest evidence of domestication dates from 4500 BC in Mesopotamia and it is from the birds that escaped back into the wild that today's feral street pigeon is descended, although some truly wild stock still remain in some isolated areas. Man's exploitation of the pigeon is as ancient as its domestication. Its speed, resilience and extraordinary homing instinct have been used in war, from Mark Antony's siege of Modena in 44 BC to its more sinister use in modern warfare, including directing bombs they are riding to their intended targets.
Throughout history the pigeon has played an important part in our mythology, religion, art, diet, communications, sports, and, more recently scientific research. Finally the story of the street pigeon is one of triumph over an ever changing manmade environment.  Looking at the way the street pigeons have adapted to man's urban life Eric Simms analyzes their incredible success and challenges they pose.
$27 Near mint hardback and good jacket, but some soiling and color loss due to fading. First edition, 1979 144pp. 16
Pigeons and People, Mildred and John Teal
Book cover, click for larger image in new window. The title says it all. This is a direct short (85 pages) story about pigeons, the ones we love and hate, and their relationship with us. The Teals understand pigeons, as much as one can, are trained in the field and share their lives with many animals to boot. Their understanding is reflected in their writing. A good introduction into a fascinating study.
$ 23 good ex library and has the usual library stamps but the copy is very clean and tight. 11
$ 26 very good and would be listed as excellent except for the gift inscription on the front end paper. 11
The General Management Of Pigeons; "Violette" and translated into English by Col. A. Hopas
Book cover, click for larger image in new window. Somville wrote for the Messager Columbophile under the pen-name 'Violette, and as you would guess in Frence'. Translated by Col. A. Hupas. This book gives us the benefit of his great knowledge on pigeon matters, not only on housing and feeding but also on training and racing. . The second part of the book is devoted to breeding methods. A non nonsense, hard core approach to the sport of the classic no holds barred treatise on pigeon racing was written under the sydonyme of Violette, probably in part because it is at times rather harsh. One may think of the Nazzi idea of building the super race. In fact that is what he is trying to teach, but with pigeons of course, not people.
$35 another copy, not mint, but still very good at a much lower price. 17
Pigeons (Barron's Pet Owner's Manual); Matthew M. Vriends,
Book cover Pigeons, A complete Pet Owner’s Manual, is just that - a concise owners manual. In just under 80 pages, everything from loft construction, feeds and feeding, breeding and health, behavior and breeds. It covers all the basics. This is the beginner’s bible and should be provided by every pigeon club to every new fancier. It is well laid out, easy to understand and has a few excellent photographs of over 20 separate breeds.  For the novice, I would recommend this book at over twice the asking price - a bargain. Paperback, 79 pages: Publication date: 1988
$11, excellent 6
$10, very good 6
$7, ex library good 6
Fancy Pigeons: W. Watmough
Book cover, click for larger image This is an excellent paperback copy for 1970. Nearly 40 years old. Watmough has published many pigeon books, but this one deals the fancy breeds for the novice. In its 100 pages, it does a good job of providing the base outlines of the more popular breeds and their care.
$28 excellent paperback for its age. 5oz.
Pigeons of Today: W. Watmough
Book cover, click for larger image This is a more unsual hardback copy of this title. Watmought is is the editior of this work with the actual breed sections written by several leading authors. This issue then, is more in depth than what one would normally find and is over 200 pages in lenght not even counting the several pages devoted to advertings. The advertising section alone is a who's who in the British breeding scene of the time. All in all it is in good condition and would be very good except for the back hinge paper is cracked exposing the hinge itself.
$22 good hardback no jacket. 9
Chanco; Helen Orr Watson
book's cover. book's cover. Autographed by Helen Orr Watson along with an inscription from her to the Friedmans whishing them cordial holiday, dated December 25, 1939. Printed in 1938. It is in very good condition. Chanco is a U.S. Army racing homer and this is his story, along with all other racing pigeons. It is authentic book revealing what is known about how these wonderful birds learn and find their way back home, and very quickly too boot.
$48 22oz
Exhibition and Flying Pigeons: H. Wheeler
Click for larger image This is the first edition of Exhibition and Flying Pigeons by Harry Wheeler published in 1978. As in the second edition it consists of 327 pages, but this first edition actually had several color photographs while the second edition revised by James Blake published in 1990 was limited to black and white. The book is a cross between an encyclopedia of pigeon breeds and a book of standards. It provides information on many fancy breeds and to what to look for in champion stock by providing a standard of perfection for each particular breed. The book is in excellent condition and except for its age would be near mint. The jacket though while still very good has faded a little.
$52 28 oz

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