Return to the Pigeon Cote     The Giant Runt is the largest of the domestic pigeon family. The Carneau is another very large pigeon The Capuchine is not a bird of size, but rather of grandeur The Ancient The Chinese Owl isn't from China The Fantail breed originated in India The American Fantail has been highly modified This breed, the Mookee, is also from India The Voorburg Cropper is a fairly new breed The Pomeranian Pouter has a very large crop The Gimple the most brilliantly colored pigeons of them all The Nun was once known as the Dutch Shell Pigeon This breed, the Mookee, is also from India The Komorner Tumbler origianted in Germany The Hungarian Oriental Frills are the jewels of the pigeon world The American Show Racer The English Show Homer

The NPA Grand National:Lancaster 1997

The Frillback:

Frillbacks are an old breed, with records of their breeding dating back to the 1600's. From this early literature, it appears that Frillbacks appeared in blue grizzles, which this bird is, and also as red grizzles, and white selfs, which means an all white bird. While Frillbacks have always maintained a few loyal supporters, the breed has never achieved any great popularity, and that makes this breed, the breed of curl, an excellent choice if you appreciate the rare and unusual.

Tally Mezzanatto, who breeds many of the more unique varieties, bred this young cock, number 152.

The Show:

In getting birds ready for a show, a breeder shouldn't be too meticulous. While all birds shown should be clean and in good health, it is possible to go too far. Some friends of mine, when first starting out in Frillbacks decided to make sure they were REALLY clean for the show, so they added shampoo to the bath water. This made the frilly feathers unfrill, so their birds didn't do too well in the competition. Remember, birds should look good, but pigeons don't use shampoo.

The Standard