The Ancient Tumbler: NPA Standard 1993:

Color: 25 Points:  Black, red, yellow,dun, blue, also the same colors in magpie markings.  White, tigered in black, red, and yellow. (White in bull eye only)
Head 25 Points:  Broad, rounded off, wide high forehead, dropping off at back of head.  Comes plain or crested.
Eyes 10 Points:  Light pearl, (bull-eyed in whites only) eye ceres are refined, flesh colored to red.
Beak 20 Points: Flesh color, short and thick, straight as possible.
Body 15 Points:  Neck medium thick, slight curve and shaky, chest broad and rounded off, back short and wide. Wings short and wide and fitted close to the body, tail short.
Legs 5 Points:  Short and groused, toe nails white.
Crested birds add 15 points
FAULTS:  Mismarked, very long body, thin beak, dark eyes, narrow forehead, cross beak, muff.
DISQUALIFICATIONS:  Split eyes, bull eyed in the colored birds.  Any missing primary or tail feathers.