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Slide Seven

Old German Owl: Cream

Wow, what a dramatic change. We went from the basic brick red to silver with the addition of the gene called spread, and now, with the addition of the gene called dilute, we got a color called cream in the pigeon fancy. So, with just three basic pigeon colors, blue, ash red, and brown and just a couple of the color altering genes, of which there are many more, we have seen several possibilities. The pigeon breeder's palette is rich indeed.

Why not visit Frank Mosca's site to learn even more about the most interesting field of pigeon genetics.  Just give him a click, and away you go.

Another web site covering genetics, with an emphasis on "odd" colors can be found on the Australian Avain Research Associations web site.


For further study in this fascinating subject, stop in and read Darwin's Origin of Species